Monday, September 3, 2012

Yoga and freedom of the mind

                                                      YOGA AND FREEDOM OF THE MIND

What is freedom?

Freedom  as per dictionary is --

 1.Condition of being free or being unrestricted.

To most of us freedom refers to the choice to do what we want to do as as want to do.

But what has yoga in connection to do with freedom?

Yoga as it says yujyate, to unite.

To unite our mind and our actions with our present, is a simple explanation.

What is the present?

When we say present, it is the present of our self, in the world, yet being our self in our own self.

These things are interconnected as we say, I am free in present.. what am I free with? The society, people we are living from etc.

Yoga says NO, we are  free and are always  free, as nobody can bind another  person’s mind, intellectually or by thinking.. One only tries to put some barriers to have a closeness for some type of relationship etc.

According to Yoga, we have to adopt Yoga as a lifestyle not as physical exercise. Freedom is being free from We need inner freedom - freedom from our own emotions and feelings, not from others our own emotions and feelings.  Our own emotions and feelings are stopping us from being in love with ourself.The ultimate requirement of our being is to be happy and in search or being happy we fall in all kind of attractions e.g. finding candy for a child but it gets tired of it and looks for icecream, tired of ice cream looks for a baloon…like this we are always looking for Happiness .

But  freedom will not come to you unless you stop thinking of your own emotions trying to pull and push us around. Don’t we all do this, run behind our own emotions and feelings..tangled in them??

Then we say to others - give us freedom of things to do in my own way..where is your own way..!!

You are always caught in between you, your feelings and emotions…

Try to come out of your emotions, feelings when certain feeling or emotion tries to influence your freedom...sense  the freedom then.

I can surely say you will feel the Freedom when you are more connected to your self, your innerself..

This is what Yoga give us - to be FREE and be in LOVE…once you experience the freedom of self you will be in love always..

Hari om.



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